Also some familiar chain NYC thrift stores all over the City…

There are some consignment shops that nearly everyone knows, and while shopping at one-of-a-kind shops is always more exciting than chains, these shops can have some unlikely finds.

With locations in Lower Manhattan, The Village, and Midtown, Ina is a wonderful choice for those looking to find some designer fashion at half-price. Similarly, with locations in Chelsea and the East Village, Buffalo Exchange is a vintage classic for finding trendy clothing and jewelry at a lower price.

Buffalo Exchange

Goodwill is another well-known spot for finding some bargain steals. In Manhattan Goodwill has stores currently in Harlem, Midtown, and Downtown. Anywhere you go in the city, chances are you’ll never be too far from a Goodwill. Housing Works Thrift Shops also has locations scattered all over the city, which supports fighting the dual issues of AIDS and homelessness.

Finally, an online store that cannot go unmentioned is Back in Style, which sells a variety of vintage clothes primarily targeted toward women.

Additional reporting by Lynn Lieberman

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