Yuhong Chopsticks, one of the NYC stores that sell one thing

We’ve always been fascinated by stores that defy the rule of business diversification and focus on only one product. Inspired by a Rice Krispie Treat store on the Upper West Side, we’ve rounded up our favorite one-item purveyors. From a chopstick store to a shop dedicated to vintage video games, check out these NYC stores that sell one thing, focusing on the quirkier items you can find in New York City!

1. Gramercy Typewriter (108 W 17th St.)

Inside the Gramercy Typewriter Co. store

Gramercy Typewriter comes straight from your light academia-inspired Pinterest board. In a world where technology and mobile devices are a pillar of the workforce, one might think that old-fashioned typewriters are unnecessary, but Gramercy’s vintage appeal has persisted through three generations. Gramercy is a rarity among vintage shops for its manual typewriter restoration and repair services, which can only be found in a few places nationwide. You may even notice Gramercy’s products in shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or The Post.