7. Park Slope

Park Slope

We return to Chuck Rhoades’ Brooklyn townhouse in episode 2, a set we’ve seen many times in previous seasons. The establishing shot puts viewers on the corner of Beverly Place and 8th Avenue in Park Slope, though Rhoade’s address in the show is 49 Pierrepont Street which would be in Brooklyn Heights. The actual exterior film location for the townhouse is at 49 8th Avenue, an 8-bedroom, 5-bathroom townhouse that last sold in 2010 for $2.691 million.

8. The Dead Rabbit

We meet up with Chuck later in the episode at the bar The Dead Rabbit. The bar occupies a former 19th-century townhouse in Lower Manhattan. Its name comes from that of an Irish gang in 1800s New York City led by bare-knuckle boxer turned congressman and senator John Morrissey. Their chief adversary was the Bowery Boys gang. The bar pays homage to the Irish heritage of the area, describing itself as a place that is “fiercely Irish with an American accent.”