4. New York City Audubon Started a Bird Sanctuary in Riverside Park

Photograph Courtesy of Riverside Park Conservancy

From 116th to 124th Streets in Riverside Park, is one of New York City Audubon’s bird sanctuaries. According to the New York City Audubon’s website, over 177 species of bird have been seen at the bird sanctuary in the past 30 years. One unique feature of the sanctuary is the Bird Drip, a “man-made water source where birds come to drink and bathe” just south of 120th Street. The Bird Drip is active from mid-April to mid-May and September to mid-October. It has reportedly attracted over 80 species of birds including wild turkeys, cuckoos, orioles and warblers. For more information about bird watching in Riverside Park, visit the New York City Audubon website.