2. The Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Riverside Park Was Originally to be in Grand Army Plaza 

Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

At 89th Street and Riverside Drive is the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, a large tower that piques the curiosity of parkgoers. The memorial was built in honor of those who fought in the Civil War, and has been opened sporadically for public viewing through the years. Mayor William Lafayette Strong suggested the Grand Army Plaza at 59th Street and 5th Avenue as the location of the memorial. Another site at the Riverside Drive viaduct was suggested as were a number of other subsequent places. The final location at 89th Street was finalized in 1899 and the memorial was dedicated in 1902. By 1950 the memorial had greatly deteriorated, and money was put aside for its renovation by 1960. In 1976 the monument was dedicated as a New York City Landmark.