2. HAAM (Healthy As a Motha)

Healthy As a Motha serves 100% plant-based Dominican and Trinidadian cuisine that is a unique addition to the culinary landscape, offering a diverse array of flavorful and nutritious plant-based dishes that proudly showcase the owners’ cultural heritage. Yesenia Ramdass, the owner, founder, and executive chef’s mission is to provide a sustainable and ethical dining experience that caters to a wide range of customers, including vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians. With this mission at heart, just three years ago the owner and her family hit the ground running in the streets of NYC covering a wide array of markets such as Uptown Night Market, Vegan Night Market, and many more, nurturing connections and building relationships.

Now, HAAM is preparing to open the doors to its first brick-and-mortar restaurant named HAAM. The restaurant name ‘HAAM’ isn’t just a word; it’s a heartfelt acronym that embodies its essence. ‘HAAM’ stands for ‘Healthy As A Motha,’ a concept deeply rooted in Yesenia’s journey as a mother to three incredible plant-based kids. It’s a tribute to all parents who, like Yesenia, aspire to provide the very best for their children. The food reflects this commitment to health and well-being, making every dish a testament to the love and care that parents bring to the table. The new restaurant is expected to open Nov 1st, 2023 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC.