5. The Dumbo Projection Project

Dumbo Projection Project on the Manhattan Bridge
Courtesy of Morahan Arts and Media, Photo by Noemie Trusty

Mesmerizing projections will cover anchorages of the Manhattan Bridge this winter as the Dumbo Improvement District launches an outdoor video art exhibition titled The Dumbo Projection Project. This series will feature works by different artists from January to April projected in three different locations: the anchorages at Adams Street and Pearl Street, and along the BQE in Susan Smith Mckinney Steward Park, Thursdays to Saturdays from dusk to 10pm. Volume One features four different projections, each with its own unique theme.

In Speculative Geologies & Speculative Geologies (Triptych) by Jason Urban and Leslie Mutcher show 400 individual 3d models of made-up rocks and minerals created from the melding of nature and technology. In Sound of Deep Waters, Josh Miller and Angela Fraleigh translate viewer text messages into floral imagery. Mz.Icar Collective pays homage to the local youth and wise elders of DUMBO in The Protectors. Finishing out Volume One is Ocean with Spirit Patterns, a trance-like video by Grant Cutler.