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After the overwhelming popularity of Untapped's preview about the new restaurant at Lincoln Center, we were pretty excited to check out the restaurant for my birthday. The review in one word (or three): hit-or-miss. But the place is beautiful.

The Arcades of Paris: Passage Bourg L’Abbé

One of my favorite passages in Paris, the Passage Bourg L'Abbé still retains some of the imagery conjured up by Walter Benjamin's descriptions of the arcades in the 19th century. Places that blurred the line between interior and exterior, not just through the architecture but by the nature of the objects on display.
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Scott Jordan, A Digger of Urban Artifacts

Scott Jordan calls himself a "digger," and he looks for urban artifacts on lots set for redevelopment, in old wells and in landfills. His stand caught my eye amidst the other generic stalls because it made a connection between consumerism and the city around us. Turn an object upside down and he has written about where it came from.
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When my bandmate asked me if I wanted to attend his "friend's performance art wedding celebration at an art collective in Queens," I said yes without hesitation. Wonderland Collective is a community art space in Astoria that hosts a wide range of activities from capoeira to rowdy dance parties, concerts, drawing, hula hooping, open mics, art shows and more.
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Inside The 53rd St. Power Substation in NYC

On Saturday, I checked out the substation at 53rd Street and 8th Avenue, across from Roseland Ballroom for Open House New York. As a member of the Transit Museum, I get first dibs on cool tours like this and the inaccessible Old City Hall Subway Station. This substation was part of the original IRT subway line and was built in 1904. It's still in use and is currently undergoing a renovation.
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