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A Jersey boy, I am am rising senior political science major at the University of St Andrews in the UK. Growing up in England and the historic Hudson River Valley, my fascination with all things historic developed at a young age. Poly sci is my major, but history is my passion.

Look behind, in between and beyond the monumental marble walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Musuem of Natural History for some of New York City’s more eccentric museums. This week we explores those more unusual museums and libraries dedicated to iconic toys, wizardry, and the legacy of the mob.


Our Untapped Tribute to Curbed Hotels Week

Whether built by American royalty (namely the Astors and the Hearsts) or by immigrants pursuing the American Dream like Charles Pierre, their shared dedication to excellence in hospitality serve as the foundation to NYC’s premier hotels. Besides impeccable hospitality taken as a given at all of these establishments, each of these hotel are renowned for its originality. Visit these hotels for murals, the birthplace of world famous cocktails and the storied haunts of aristocrats, presidents, industrialists and Hollywood stars.


Rionda Estate New Jersey Untapped Cities

Looking north from the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey, it takes a lot of imagination to envision storybook manors perched high atop the Palisades. Shows like The Jersey Shore hide the Garden State’s history as the playground of the rich and famous. But for locals of the Northern Valley (called “the valley” by locals), the legacy is still very much alive.  The extraordinary ruins of the Rio Vista estate built by sugar baron Manuel Rionda exemplify the turn-of-the-century Gilded Age excess.  (more…)

Kykuit-Untapped Cities-David Jo-003

Once a favorite haunt of America’s illustrious industrialists (and to an extent it still is), the great Hudson River Valley estates stand as a testament to the bygone Gilded Age as popularized by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. While not as well known as the Gold Coast Mansions along Long Island Sound, the imposing Palisades and majestic Hudson River Valley that straddle New Jersey and upstate New York captured the imagination of the foremost industrialist of all, the first American billionaire and founder of Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller(more…)