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James Amaya is an Architectural Designer in Washington, D.C. He studied Art at the University of Washington in Seattle, and later moved to New York and acquired a Masters degree in Architecture from Columbia University. [Website]

Immense, powerful, sublime, tranquil… these are the words which propagate within each person as they step into the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The enormity of the space, along with the play of light within the expanse, leaves one in deep serenity for just a split second. In the next moment, the viewer wants nothing but to explore this superb space.

01-Washington-National-Cathedral-Untapped Cities-James-Amaya

Gazing upwards, one notices the highly visible netting covering the entire ceiling which was put in place after the 5.8 earthquake struck in 2011. On that day, cracks raced across the ceiling and masonry fell as the quake hit. The Cathedral was closed for some time, and the netting went up. And now the net sits high atop the congregation reminding everyone how powerful nature can be, while the enormity and beauty of the space reminds everyone how powerful one’s spiritual beliefs can be.  (more…)

“The light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey,” said Marc Baron, our tour guide, as the On Location Tours bus exited the Lincoln Tunnel, depositing us in the Garden State. That same key point in the tunnel appeared in the opening credits of one of the most popular shows on television. And that’s what this tour was all about — a 4 hour journey looking at key moments over an 8 year span where people were hurt, lied to, and murdered in the television show The Sopranos.