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Jennifer Walker is an Anglo-Hungarian freelance writer and editor based in Budapest, Hungary. After a sordid past involving a career in Nuclear Physics, and after completing her PhD, Jennifer threw caution - and physics - to the winds to follow the cliché expat writing dream. She's a compulsive traveller and has lived in the UK, Hungary, Spain, Germany and Georgia. She's passionate about making up stories, the arts, surrealism, underground culture, dilapidated art nouveau buildings, languages and travel. She's written for CNN Travel, Huffington Post, GOOD Magazine, Atlas Obscura, The Culture-ist, Bootsnall, Viator Travel, among others.

Budapest Bauhaus Architecture-Untapped Cities-005Bauhaus architecture in Budapest by Gábor Krausz (1942)

In and around the streets of Budapest’s XIII District the term Bauhaus refers to an architectural style rather than an ’80s Goth band. While the Hungarian capital conjures up impressions of epic neo-baroque Habsburg palaces, if you move away from the opulent streets of the central districts, Budapest’s eclecticism begins to reveal itself to the willing observer who dares to look up.