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I'm a Brit-turned-Parisienne who loves to write, run and travel. After 4 years in the City of Love and Lights, I've eaten a lot of yummy cheese, sipped a fair amount of red wine and learned a generous dose of French slang. I've also discovered loads of fabulous Parisian people and places that I want to share with you.

5-Pond in Natural Gardens - Countryside in Paris - Victoria Wall

In sharp contrast to the neatly manicured gardens like the Luxembourg Gardens and the Tuileries, 82 gardens in Paris are audited officially for ecological management and allowed to grow more naturally. Under the larger rubric of the Paris Climate Protection and Biodiversity Plan, the city aims to have all of its parks audited for ecological management by an independent body by 2014. The main goals of the ecological management plan are to reduce air and noise pollution, reduce the risk of soil and water pollution, promote diversity of flora and fauna, and conserve non-renewable resources.