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10 of the Most Unique Urban Farms in NYC

New York City is a bustling metropolitan of skyscrapers, nightlights, and cabs. And yet, nestled away amid this densely populated urban jungle, are numerous urban farms that utilize advanced technologies and alternative agriculture methods to produce fresh produce right here in the City. From rooftop farms where entrepreneurs have converted warehouse rooftops to vast farmland, and restaurant rooftop gardens where chef literally pick their produce off their garden every morning, to placid urban farmland in Southern Bronx, Randall’s Island, and Riker’s Island, where community members and volunteers convene to cultivate their crops, New York City is full of sites where community members are growing locally cultivated, organic produce. Moreover, innovative startups in Brooklyn are implementing advanced agricultural techniques such as hydroponics and aquaponics that procure more produce per square area, while immensely decreasing the quantity of water used, in comparison to traditional farming. And so, here are the top ten urban farming sites in New York City.