hog island lost hurricane-NYC-Untapped CitiesMap showing two islands named Hog Island. Image via ny.curbed.com

You’ve definitely heard of disappearing ships. Plenty of them do, given the amount of shipwrecks historians and oceanographers have found around New York City alone. But disappearing islands? That’s a bit of a different story. In true Bermuda Triangle fashion, New York City has a disappearing island of its own, shrouded in multiple versions of the truth and curious to historians even today. It was called Hog Island, and the story goes that after New York was hit by the famous Hurricane of 1893, Hog Island disappeared without a trace, never to be found again.


highbridge-nyc-untapped citiesHighbridge Park. Image via ny.curbed.com

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Beacon’s Closet on West 13th Street

Used Clothing can take many exciting forms, from the old fashion thrift shop to shops with a focus on vintage, and on to the world of luxury high end consignment.  From the Lower East Side to Uptown, here is a guide to the best shops in Manhattan, an update to our previous guide to our 25 favorite vintage shops in Manhattan.


midsummer night swing-NYC-Untapped CitiesLincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. Image via glenwoodnyc.com

This Saturday, America will set the skies ablaze in honor of its 239th birthday. Admittedly, fireworks never look quite as spectacular as they do on the 4th of July, especially over New York City’s iconic skyline. But we feel for some New Yorkers who might have grown tired, over the years, of watching the same old show over the Hudson River (now East River, thanks to Mayor de Blasio’s firm stance on New York fireworks strictly for New York). Here are a few ways we found to enjoy the holiday with a new twist.


Cooper Hewitt Design Museum-Fifth Avenue-Museum Mile-Renovation-Treasures of New YorkImage via Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

For architecture enthusiasts, a visit to the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum on New York City’s Upper East Side is already a treat, as it’s located in the former mansion of Andrew Carnegie. The New York City (and national) landmark is also the first and only museum in America dedicated to design. There are over 200,000 objects, covering 30 centuries of innovation.

A new episode in Treasures of New York on WNET/THIRTEEN focuses on this special museum that reopened in December 2014 following a 3-year, $91 million renovation. Treasures of New York: Cooper Hewitt focuses on collective effort of architects, designers, technologists and others to achieve the modernization and expansion of the museum.


Stonewall Inn-Gay Marriage Equality-NYCPhoto copyright Avi Smolen for Untapped Cities

The United States Supreme Court ruled once and for all that love is love this morning by mandating all states to legalize same-sex marriage. In the immediate aftermath of the 5-4 vote, thousands rejoiced, and same-sex couples nationwide made headlines reciting their vows under federal law.

A crowd in New York gathered to the front of the Stonewall Inn, a gay tavern and the historical site of the Stonewall riots of 1969, widely regarded to be the single most pivotal moment in the fight for gay and lesbian rights in America. The bar made headlines only a few days earlier for a very different reason, when the Landmarks Preservation Committee of New York City voted unanimously to name the Inn a city landmark. It is the first historical site to be given such status for the reason of its importance to the LGBTQ rights cause.