04/04/14 9:00am

The Illuminator calls the Guggenheim Museum a “1% Museum.” Another projected messages: “Art is not a Luxury.” 

The spirit of Occupy Wall Street lives on as The Illuminator political art project roams New York City projecting guerrilla protest messages onto buildings. Using a plain white van equipped with audio and visual projection, as well as an info-shop and mini library, the group of eight artists display a Bat-signal spotlight with a location-specific message. In March, the above message was among those displayed on the 88th Street Guggenheim Museum as a protest to the Guggenheim Foundation’s treatment of migrant workers in Abu Dhabi, where their newest museum is currently being built. (more…)

04/01/14 9:00am

Guggenheim-under-construction-nycThe Guggenheim Museum under construction, via LOC.gov

Museums are lightning rods for criticism. The most public of all buildings, they’re also the most vulnerable, and even long-accepted classics faced scorn in their infancy. Today we’re taking a look at vintage photographs of New York City’s famous museums while under construction. It’s hard to believe now, but Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum endured fusillades of derision. Before it was finished in 1962 (six months after Wright’s death), it was called “the building that should be put in a museum to show how mad the 20th Century is.”


01/21/14 1:00pm

Image via New Museum

Here are our top picks for events in NYC this week!

Tuesday, January 21: “Looking Back and Looking Ahead: Preservation Progress in the Village, East Village, and NoHo 2003-2013, and the Road Ahead” is a presentation at the Church of the Village by Executive Director Andrew Berman of The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Presentation. In the presentation, Berman will take a look at development and historical preservation the GVSHP has been involved with during the past ten years. The presentation will also delve into “the newest threats looming on the horizon.”


10/03/13 12:00pm

Continuing up Fifth Avenue from where the previous installment of Don’t Forget to Look Up ended, this stretch along the upper half of Central Park is known as Museum Mile, and it is indeed home to an abundance of august institutions, starting with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and ending with the Museum for African Art at Central Park’s northeast corner. Trying to take in all of this cultural treasure trove might be overwhelming, but we’ll stick to what we can see from Fifth Avenue–which is still quite a bit!

The-Met-NY-Untapped-Cities-Alexandra-Hay.jpgThe Metropolitan Museum of Art


07/30/13 12:00pm

Hoffman Auto Showroom-Frank Lloyd Wright-Park Avenue-New York-Untapped CitiesPhoto by Ezra Stroller (1955) via Metropolis Mag

In April of 2013, Frank Lloyd Wright’s auto showroom on 430 Park Avenue quietly disappeared and will soon be replaced by a TD Bank. The Hoffman Auto Showroom was home to the latest and greatest imported cars for nearly sixty years, but even more importantly, was one of the three remaining Wright design commissions in New York City (the other two being the Guggenheim Museum and Cass House on Staten Island).


07/22/13 1:00pm

James Turrell Aten Reign Guggenheim NYC Untapped Cities

Visitors to James Turrell’s monumental light installation currently on view at the Guggenheim Museum probably noticed that Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous rotunda has been completely transformed. Rather than quickly passing through on the way to exhibits on the upper floors, people gather in the rotunda, lounging on the nearly 360 degree benches or standing around and staring up at the light emanating from the five concentric rings installed for Aten Reign, the largest of Turrell’s installations that make up the exhibit.  (more…)