07/29/14 2:00pm
Basketball players in front of Daniel Hauben's "Under the El," installed by the MTA on Freeman Street in 2005

Basketball players in front of Daniel Hauben’s “Under the El,” installed by the MTA on Freeman Street in 2005

When we headed up to Freeman Street in the Bronx to see the new Seis del Sur photo exhibit, Sin Límites, we were certainly surprised. This once discouraged-looking elevated stop is hopping with cultural draws. As you get off the train you’ll see elegant panels of colored faceted glass illustrating different subway scenes. Called “The El,” the six panels were created by artist Daniel Hauben, once dubbed the “Bruegel of the Bronx” by the New York Times, who was commissioned by the MTA’s Arts for Transit project in 2005.

Given that the original Seis del Sur exhibit, Dispatches from Home, documented some of the most dramatic and disturbing graffiti in the history of New York, visitors might be justifiably surprised to see the pristine condition of these public art works. Yet pristine they are—not a cracked piece of glass or ugly vandalism as far as the eye can see.


07/25/14 10:00am
"Audrey Hepburn" by Tristan Eaton, located at Caffe Roma on Mulberry and Broome St.

“Audrey Hepburn” by Tristan Eaton, located at Caffe Roma on Mulberry and Broome St.

For nearly 2 years,  the L.I.S.A. Project NYC has been bringing wonderful street art to Little Italy and the surrounding areas, to create downtown Manhattan’s first mural district.  A 501(c)3 non profit organization, The L.I.S.A. Project NYC works in collaboration with the Little Italy Merchants’ Association.  We recently had the pleasure of interviewing L.I.S.A. Project NYC founder and curator, Wayne Rada.

UC: How did the L.I.S.A. Project NYC get started?


07/22/14 10:00am

Street Art-Pixel Pancho-Case Maclaim-Untapped Cities-NYC-Bushwick-Bushwick CollectiveCase Maclaim & Pixel Pancho (Halopigg via Instagram)

We are more than halfway done with 2014, sounds insane doesn’t it?  Seems like only yesterday we were dealing with polar vortexes, cat cafes and disappointing Knicks basketball. We still mourn the demise of 5 Pointz, which is set for complete demolition by October. While we may have lost our graffiti and street art monument, other parts of the city have stepped their game up and have given the NYC street art community walls to make their mark. After countless hours looking through photos, and praying that street artists will not go after us for making last minute cuts to the list, we present the 10 best NYC street art murals of the year so far.


07/09/14 12:00pm

Heart Headed Project-Charlotte Le Bon-Paris

While she may become more known for her life as a movie star soon, Charlotte Le Bon is an artist at heart, or should we say head? The name Charlotte Le Bon may not mean anything to Americans now, but in a few years time, she may be gracing every magazine cover and feature film poster from NYC to Paris. This French-Canadian former model is also a talented illustrator, photographer, comedian and actress, is gearing up to become one of the biggest stars on the international stage.

In the coming years she is set to star alongside Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, in the Steven Spielberg-produced The Hundred Foot Journey. She is also in this year’s biopic of French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and in the Robert Zemekis biopic of French high-wire artist Phillipe Petit, who famously walked between the Twin Towers.  She is not just adding major features to her resume, for the U.S art-house audience will be able to see Ms. Le Bon in Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo later this year.

It is astounding that this woman of many talents, even has the time to come up with and execute something like the Heart-Headed Project, a self-funded street art project.


06/16/14 2:00pm

Welling Court-SeeOne-Street Art-Art-Queens-Mural-Untapped Cities-Christopher InoaSeeone

This past Saturday AD HOC Art and the Welling Court, Queens community brought us the 5th Annual Welling Court Mural Festival. For the fifth time in as many years, artists from different generations came together in Welling Court, to provide the surrounding area with beautiful artistic murals that can be enjoyed for the next 365 days.

This year brought over fifty artists, including  NYC favorites like SeeOne, NDA, Never, Queen Andrea, Danielle Mastrion, Lexi Bella, Icy & Sot, Cern, Toofly, Fumero, Roycer, Russell King, Col Wallnuts, Billy Mode, Cake, Joe Iurato, Rubin, Veng RWK, Alice Mizrachi, Vera Times, Zed 1, and many more. We spent the entire day enjoying the art, watching the World Cup with members of  the community and dancing to a variety of music until dark. Here are some of the best murals we captured last Saturday.  (more…)

06/12/14 9:00am

JR Providencia Rio
Women Are Heroes by JR in Providencia, Rio de Janeiro

Art in the streets is not a local or recent phenomenon. Whether you call it street art, graffiti or vandalism, art in the streets gives a city personality. Large-scale projects, such as JR’s work in Providencia, Rio de Janeiro give underserved places new life and attention. Smaller, every day interventions, like Space Invader add whimsy to the streetscape. Google’s newest Street Art Project, created by their Cultural Institute in Paris is an online gallery currently featuring over 4,000 street art and graffiti images from around the world.