Nicholas Holiber-Untapped Cities-Tribeca Park-Art-NYCHead of Goliath (Image via Nicolas Holiber)

This face is kind of terrifying, but that’s what makes it so appealing to the eye. Brooklyn artist Nicolas Holiber has built this four-feet-long monster out of trash, and it now sits in Tribeca Park. This sculpture took Holiber a month to build —  he spent almost every waking hour creating this four foot tall piece, in his studio, which he told us via e-mail is “only about 150 square feet.” He documented the entire expierence on Instagram, showing progress from idea to reality. Besides the materials in his studio and throughout his travels, other parts of the “Head of Goliath”  come from NYC street artist Hanksy’s last show Best of The Worst. (more…)

Happy Street Signs-Love Up Guns Down-Kelly Killford-NCVia Killykillford.com

We recently met artist Killy Killford via Skype, as he spoke with Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young at the Fordham University conference Law, Urban Space, and the Future of Artistic ExpressionKilly is the man behind Happy Signs, produced from his self-proclaimed Dept. of Well Being. Prompted by the sheer number, and the “do not” messaging of New York City street signs, the UK-native decided to take matter into his own hands. In the conference, he admits he moved to New York for a girlfriend, and needed something to do (if not a job). Installing positive street signs that said what he wanted like, “Honk Less, Love More,” and “New York Loves You,” he soon realized that if he added the words “Dept. of Well Being,” people would think the signs were legitimate.


1-Brooklyn Bridge-Miniature Model-Sidewalk-Trees-Cobble Hill-Boerum Hill-Brooklyn-Park Slope-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

A wooden miniature Brooklyn Bridge is an unexpected addition to a Cobble Hill sidewalk, showing us once again that New York street art comes in all shapes and sizes. Built out of wood, wire and some nails, the replica has, as far as we can tell, a mysterious origin.


Roa-Jerkface-Erin Kelli-Anthony Lister-Trap-Untapped Cities-NYC-New York City-Graffti-Street Art- Jersey City-Simpsons TruckRoa, Jerkface, Erin Kelli, Anthony Lister & Trap

In our monthly showcase, Untapped Cities Street Art Columnist Christopher Inoa highlights the top five New York City graffiti and street art pieces found on the city’s walls, rooftops and tunnels. 

As the flowers start blooming, so do the walls of New York (and Jersey) City. April was a big month in the street art and graffiti community with some big names in their respective forms putting up unique and challenging works, like JR’s Walking New York pieces which we’ve covered separately). There has been so much, it was really difficult picking just five pieces to highlight this month. But, after some deliberation, pieces were chosen and arranged. This is a special one folks, here are the top five pieces of April 2015.  (more…)

Ron English-Baby Hulk-Bowery Mural-NYCRon English at Houston Bowery Wall. Image via New York Off Road

The Houston Bowery Wall is a rotating canvas for street art, run by real estate developer Tony Goldman, Jeffery Deitch and Deitch Projects. In the same location, Keith Haring did a piece for the community in the late 1970s and upon acquiring the property “the Goldman family felt a sense of responsibility to bring art and beauty to the public on a grand scale,” states the official web page. The latest to go up is Ron English‘s baby Hulk, a commentary on American consumerism.


JR Flatiron Pasting-Giant Man Walking-NYCCover of The New York Times Magazine (photo via Jake Silverstein)

French street artist JR, whose work has previously been shown in Times Square, Fordham University and inside abandoned hospitals on Ellis Island, always seems to outdo himself when he comes to New York City. Last week, The New York Times Magazine released the April issue, titled “Walking New York.” The cover is an aerial photo of the very large and very real piece by JR at Flatiron Plaza, with information that there were many more placed throughout the five boroughs. There could be no better cue for us at Untapped Cities to go traipsing around the city this weekend.

All 14 of the other pieces were also photographs of recent immigrants, taken by JR on the streets of Nolita earlier this month. The goal is to encourage people to walk all over the city to find the pieces. Below are all 14 pieces of JR’s “Walking New York” project: