Pat Davis illustrates the How To of Austin food service quirky headwear

Something I’ve learned in my short span working in Austin food service is that quirky headwear is important – appearance matters! A large chunk of restaurants throughout the city don’t consider this bohemian style of dress to be the image they want to portray, but more and more are coming around to it. If you want to survive and earn more tips and respect in the service industry, I’ll give you some ground knowledge that applies to new restaurants, food trailers, and bars springing up. Some advice found here will seem practical, some not.

First tip: Wear quirky headwear that shouldn’t be worn indoors. Possibly to obscure the greasy shellac of your mullet, possibly to strut your true colors as an Austinite early on to avoid getting torn apart by other staff members, possibly to dissent from normality and flaunt your free spirit; don an absurd piece of quirky headwear. It doesn’t generally get below 40 here and there’s central heating, so I know you don’t need a winter hat. Tips will roll in by the bushel, but remember: if you receive compliments just cock your head, groan, and say “you wouldn’t understand.”

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