Architecture is thought of in terms of strength, stability and fortitude. But an exhibit of paper architecture on view now at Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine shows us how delicate, beautiful and intricate a building can be.


The incredible exhibit, which incorporates wall-wide hand-cut paper designs as well as laser-cut sculpture cities and collage dreamworlds, is stunning in its combination of simplicity and complexity, and, well, flammability.


Each artist’s work is accompanied by a biography that includes the artist’s origin, favorite type of paper, and preferred method of slicing and dicing.



These constructions by the likes of Ingrid Siliakus, Peter Callesen, Béatrice Coron, Stéphanie Beck and Mathilde Nivet show us that strength lies not only in stability, but also in ingenuity, flexibility and patience.


5€-8€ (Free on 1st Sunday of the month)
Through 17 March 2013

This article originally appeared on Paris Cheapskate.