The Return of the Red Coat

If you’re a regular Art of Style reader, you might recall the column about the prevalence of red coats in the city from a few posts ago. It’s true; they’re everywhere and I never get tired of them. Now that all the fluffy, pristine snow Nemo dumped on us has made the inevitable transformation into big piles of melting grey slush, it’s refreshing to see colorful-coated New Yorkers brightening up the dreariness of the February cityscape.

As my train pulled into the station I saw this lady standing on the platform. Even though my vision was filtered through the grime-encrusted subway window, I loved how the deep red-magenta of her coat and the electric blue of her skinny jeans contrasted against the more muted colors of the tiles in the station wall. The chestnut color of her shoes and the oatmeal of her hat were a nice complement, too. On the rare occasions I put on any article of clothing as bright as this coat or these pants, I usually default to wearing black for the rest of my ensemble, but the two browns she chose definitely added an extra layer of depth to her outfit. I only got a quick few seconds of mental note-taking before my train pulled away again, but I think I got the spirit of her outfit down on paper, if not the exact details.

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