13. 1 World Trade Center

OHNY Hudson River Architectural Tour-NYC Freedom Tower

We recently got an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the Freedom Tower’s construction site and is it certainly commanding as seen from the Hudson. At the symbolic height of 1,776 feet tall with a 480 foot tall spire, the Freedom Tower will be the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, as our guides pointed out. Located on the site of the former World Trade Center towers, the new World Trade Center will consist of five skyscrapers that will be constructed as the demand for office space rises. It will also be the site of a new 9/11 Museum. We’re especially excited to see the breaking up of the former “superblock” in favor of walkable human-scaled blocks that fit with Jane Jacobs’ urban planning tenets. Its grand size and shape contribute to the beauty of Lower Manhattan’s waterfront.

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