At today’s EngageNYC, we were reminded about the fun NYC city-government Tumblr blogs and Facebook pages there are out there, from the Daily Pothole, to framed licensed dogs on My Good Dog NYC and Art for Streets. Here’s a roundup of the most interesting (in our opinion):

My Good Dog NYC

You’ve seen the ads in the subways asking, “Is your dog a real New Yorker?” encouraging you to get your pup licensed. If you submit your dog wearing a NYC dog license, they’ll feature it on this Tumblr in a gold frame. We just wish they’d update it a lot more often.

My Good Dog NYC-Is your dog a real New Yorker-Tumblr

My Good Dog NYC-Gold Frame-Licensed Dog

Daily Pothole

On The Daily Pothole from the Department of Transportation, you can report a pothole, check out your street’s condition and track how many potholes have been repaired and learn fun facts about pothole pair, like what a Nuclear Densometer does.

My Daily Pothole-DOT-NYC-Tumblr-Department of TransportationArt for Streets

This highly visual Tumblr from the Department of Transportation highlights NYC’s urban art initiatives, like the Voice Tunnel at Summer Streets, the Flaming Cacti in Astor Place, the Kingsbridge Street Art staircase, and the Rockaway barrier beautification project.

Art for Streets-NYC DOT-Tumblr-Voice Tunnel

New York City Percent for Art Tumblr

From the Tumblr description: Since 1982, New York City’s Percent for Art law has required that one percent of the budget for eligible City-funded construction projects be spent on public artwork. Managed by the City’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Percent for Art program has commissioned hundreds of site-specific projects in variety of media by artists whose sensibilities reflect the diversity of New York City.

The Tumblr recently highlighted Steve Atonokos who did the neon lighting installation on the marine transfer station on the West side.

NYC Condom Facebook Page

NYC Condom Facebook Page

NYC Condom posts advice and public service announcements, asks followers fun questions like preferred condom types. It has recently been promoting its Condom Finder app.

Mens Sexual Health NYC

The Men’s Sexual Health Tumblr is definitely on the city’s official list of NYC social media sites. It requires a password, and a former NYC Digital intern told us she’s not quite sure why that is.  But given the subject matter, it’s made us curious! Then again, another Tumblr from, NYC Food Recipes, also requires a password…

Mens Sexual Health Tumblr-NYC