Original piece photographed by Bob Cooley (@bobcooley), before it was partially defaced

Leave it to the city’s construction workers to make a stand against the paintovers of Banksy’s pieces. Late this afternoon, photos began to surface on Instagram of a team of at least 5 or 6 workers placing plexiglass over  “Concrete Confessional” at Cooper Union in the East Village. We salute you!

Also check out today’s McDonalds Banksy up in the Bronx!

4 thoughts on “Construction Workers Attempt to Save Banksy’s Concrete Confessional in the East Village

  1. I love that the community is standing up for the artwork (and the artist!). It’s a challenge for Banksy to get through the entire month without exposing him/herself.. Good luck in completing the residency! What a wonderful way to bring awareness to social issues that shouldn’t need a street artist in hiding to bring to the table for discussion, you are inspiring Banksy, and so are you NY’ers who are positively responding to this work. http://www.amycormierflowers.com

  2. One thing you can say about us construction lads is that we are a good bunch, I am glad to see that applies to across the pond too. There is a bond there that cannot be broken, we have each others backs, and that goes too for the locals.

    You could say we are the opposite of politicians, we are selfless 😀

    1. Thank you, guys! It’s hard to find hope sometimes but there are people who appreciate your efforts.

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