3. Cones, Bleecker Street

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Located on Bleecker Street, Cones has a wide variety of delicious flavors all hand made in the store. Cones is constantly experimenting with new and crazy flavors. Untapped has been coming here for a while now – here are the best flavors:

Mate. Mate, pronounced ma-tay, is a green tea variety popular in South America. This flavor holds the same refreshing quality of regular green tea ice cream, but it doesn’t have that sort of bitter after taste. This flavor is our all around favorite at Cones.

Johnnie Walker. This is possibly the most pricey ($1 just to taste!) and unique flavor Cones has to offer. Made from the actual whiskey, this ice cream makes you feel like Jack Donaghy. This ice cream has a huge fan base – Cones sells it by the pint. Unlike the yeti beer of Il Laboratorio, this ice cream gives you the sensation of drinking…and could actually make you drunk.

Zabayone. This flavor is crafted with Marsala wine. Think chicken marsala in ice cream form, but it’s tastier than it sounds!