We previously compiled a list of the Top 10 Coffee Shops in Manhattan for design buffs and now we’re tackling Brooklyn. The following is by no means a complete list of coffee shops in Brooklyn, but after checking out many, many coffee shops, we decided to highlight some of our favorites.

1. Homecoming, 107 Franklin Street, Greenpoint

Spina flower shop coffee shop Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC Untapped Cities

Naturally, we were intrigued when we heard about this flower shop/coffee shop that opened recently in Greenpoint. Homecoming—formerly called Spina, which means “thorn” in Italian—started as a floral design company. Owners Vanessa Chinga-Haven and Paul Diaz hope to lure people in the door with Blue Bottle coffee and donuts by Dough, then keep them hanging around for floral arrangements and gift items. There’s not a lot of space to sit, but the pint-sized shop is a nice place to stop for a coffee and flower bouquet to go.

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7 thoughts on “Top 10 Coffee Shops in Brooklyn (For Design Buffs)

  1. Looks like Brooklyn has a lot to offer. That flower slash coffee shop is a rather curious concept. It never stops to amaze me how creative some people get when establishing their own coffee place in the sun. A cat cafe will probably be launched soon in Vancouver. Odd much? But I like quirky places. Ordinary is often close to boring. Not always, though. We have quite a few good independent coffee shops that you won’t leave disappointed. Many sorts and blends even for demanding coffee experts and a lovely ambience at the same time. Without eccentricities, but still interesting for a designer buff’s eye. I recommend Prado, somewhat similar to Smith Canteen. White walls, great coffee and delicious pastries. Be sure to check it out if you ever find yourselves in the area.

  2. Dillinger’s in Bushwick at 146 evergreen definitely has the most original design for a coffee shop. Check it out

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Daniel. We’ll be sure to check it out!

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