SCOPE Art Show 2014 NYC Untapped Cities

With all the hype surrounding Armory Arts Week, we decided to head straight to one of the biggest and most important art fairs: SCOPE. This year, like last year, SCOPE is taking place inside the old Moynihan Station, where we previously attended fashion week and explored abandoned spaces. From now until March 9th, you can go see work by some of the best and brightest artists in New York City and cities around the world. From Parisian street artist Speedy Graphito to Beau Stanton, who did a mural for the Bushwick Collective, here are our picks for must-see art at SCOPE. 

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Speedy Graphito 3 NYC Untapped CitiesPainting with neon lights by Parisian street artist Speedy Graphito,  who is considered a pioneer of the French street art movement. 

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Speedy Graphito 2 NYC Untapped CitiesMore fun street art style paintings by Speedy Graphito. You can find his work at Fabien Castanier Gallery’s booth.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Banksy NYC Untapped CitiesYes, that is indeed Banksy’s alternative bumper sticker. See more from his New York residency.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Joseph Grazi NYC Untapped CitiesWe caught up with NYC artist Joseph Grazi, who posed with his piece called “Fear The Deep.” Grazi has exhibited work at Art(Amalgamated) in Chelsea, co-curated the show “Survival” at Lambert Fine Arts on the Lower East Side, and lived in a former fire station turned loft/DIY music venue for a year.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Daniel Ochoa NYC Untapped CitiesDaniel Ochoa exhibited a series of NYC street scenes done in oil on canvas. We love his style, which reminds us of Impressionist painters, and treats modern subjects like this Chinatown storefront and the skybridge at Herald Square. Ochoa is originally from California, but lives and works in Brooklyn.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Daniel Ochoa 2 NYC Untapped CitiesSubway scenes by Daniel Ochoa.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Harry Enchin 2 NYC Untapped CitiesCanadian artist Harry Enchin creates these incredible images by layering vintage photos on top of his own  photographs of street scenes. He digs into the archives to find images of a specific street and matches the buildings and storefronts.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Harry Enchin 3 NYC Untapped CitiesHarry Enchin juxtaposes modern and archival photographs of Pell Street in Chinatown.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 El Mac NYC Untapped CitiesLos Angeles-based street artist El Mac does large-scale portraits using spray paint. He takes inspiration from the European masters, like Caravaggio and Vermeer. 

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Vinz NYC Untapped CitiesVinz Feel Free is a street artist from Spain. He photographs models, prints the images on old paper, then paints over them. These portraits are on display at Andenken Gallery’s booth.

SCOPE Art Show 2014 Beau Stanton NYC Untapped CitiesNew York-based artist Beau Stanton created these paintings that combine elements of old maps with images of ships. Stanton previously did the “Industrial Divine” mural in Bushwick as part of the Bushwick Collective. His work at SCOPE is presented as part of a survey of artists from the UK and the US that reference similar cultural traditions curated by Lori Zimmer of ArtNerd New York and Moniker Projects.

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