Frank Woolworth Office-Woolworth Building-Interior-Marble-NYC

We’ve been a longtime partner of the Woolworth Tours and in scouting missions for our exclusive Untapped Cities tours of the Woolworth Building, sometimes we get to access some cool spots we haven’t seen before. The Woolworth Building is one of those places where you can visit again and again, and always discover something you haven’t seen before. Frank Woolworth originally had two offices in the Woolworth Building, one which has been lost to time.

In fact, most of the office building floors have been completely redone with only the ornate elevator banks left from the original design. However, another one of his offices is now part of a full-floor office for a company in the building (which we won’t name so they don’t get a flurry of visitors). While the rest of the floor is completely renovated, this office has remained mostly in its original state. It’s quite an experience walking through a modern office and then entering a room with marble walls, wood paneled doors, a fireplace and a Woolworth’s hidden safe in the closet.

Join us on our next exclusive, one-hour tour of the Woolworth Building. We won’t be able to visit this spot specifically as it’s part of a private company now, but we’ll see some really great spots like a safe deposit vault, closed off entrances to subway stations, and the magnificent lobby, all of which are off-limits to the public.

VIP Tour of the Woolworth Building

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