Ms Pac Man-Two Bits Retro Arcade-Lower East Side-New York City-Untapped Cities-Alexandra Hinojosa

Ms. Pac-Man. The name brings back childhood memories for some, teenage nostalgia for others, or evokes images of a now bygone time. Ms. Pac-Man is the grand dame of the Golden Age of the arcade video game which spanned the late 1970s to 1980s. As one of the most popular video games of all time, Ms. Pac-Man (a sequel to the original Pac Man) features a female protagonist who is even considered a feminist icon by some. Ms. Pac-Man took arcading mainstream. In New York City there are places where one can still scurry from ghosts, devour pellets in order to weaken and eat said ghosts, and enjoy the love story of how Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man meet. This timeless arcade classic has managed to find a place in some of the most unique places New York City has to offer.

1. Two Bits Retro Arcade

If you are wondering what New York was like in the 80s then look no further than this Lower East Side haunt which was founded in 2012, Two Bits Retro Arcade (the name refers to an old school term for 25 cents) offers craft beers and a selection of wines and sake and even 40s. Two Bits offers in addition to Pac Man such gaming classics as Tetris, Frogger, Street Fighter, a variety of pinball machines and  many other video game hits  from the 80s and 90s.  Games are just 25 cents a pop.

Two Bits Retro Arcade is located at 153 Essex St, New York, NY 10002

 2. Welcome to the Johnson’s

Ms Pac Man-Welcome to the Johnsons-Lower East Side-New York City-Untapped Cities-Alexandra Hinojosa

Welcome to your family’s living room circa 1976. Welcome to the Johnson’s has the retro feel and the awkward family pictures, run down fridge and plastic covered couch to make you almost forget you are actually inside this Lower Manhattan hangout which has been in business for nearly 10 years. Even if you took off your shoes and kicked up your feet, it’s the kind of place where no one would judge. With a laid back vibe, cheap drinks and even a jukebox machine, come for the unique table top Ms. Pac-Man and stay for the cool at home feel.

Welcome to the Johnsons is located on 123 Rivington Street New York, New York 10002

3. Floyd

Floyd is your friend’s living room on a Friday night meets Brooklyn Heights cool. Bookcases abound along with vintage furniture. Sit and chat with your friends on one of the many velvet couches, play some Ms. Pac-Man, or if you are feeling extra adventurous take a try at playing some Bocce at Floyd’s 40 foot indoor court. Bring your own food or try some of the famous Beer Cheese, a Southern specialty made of sharp cheddar, beer and spices. Check out their sister bars the Bell House and Union Hall.

Floyd is located at 131 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

4. Barcade

Ms Pac Man-Barcade-Williamsburg-New York City-Untapped Cities-Alexandra Hinojosa

Barcade is just what the name sounds like, a bar and an arcade in one. Opened in a former metal shop in Williamsburg in 2004, the concept of Barcade stems from four friends who wanted to open a space that combined their love of craft beers and classic video games. Take a seat at the bar and choose from a great selection of beers on tap, or play some of the 25 cent per game classics that in addition to Ms. Pac-Man include Asteroids, Donkey Kong and Tetris. If you choose to do both there are actual wooden shelves placed between games to perch your drinks. A board of high scores lets us know that William has held the high score of 986,220 for Ms. Pac-Man for almost a year. Barcade also has locations in Manhattan, Jersey City and Philadelphia. It previously made it to our lists of combination bars and cafes in NYC and geek chic bars in NYC.

Barcade is located at 388 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11211 |

5. Metropolitan

Ms Pac Man-Metropolitan-Williamsburg-Brooklyn-New York City-Untapped Cities-Alexandra Hinojosa

A gay bar with skee ball, Ms. Pac-Man, a pool table, a spacious patio in the summer. You’ve found a gem at Metropolitan, a chill bar with good times in Williamsburg. With something happening every night, from drag shows, to Queeroke to Craft Days and DJ’s spinning on the regular, Metropolitan has a little something for everyone.

Metropolitan is located at 559 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211