We last caught up with puppet Johnny T and his hilarious video about New York City subway etiquette. Now, The New York Times interviews him about the latest MTA campaign against “manspreading.” Seeing the word “manspreading” on the homepage of the Times is awesome enough, but then with Johnny T? We had to share.

His suggestion for the MTA campaign? Announcements should say, “Stand clear of the closing doors…and close your freakin’ legs.” When reporter Emma G. Fitzsimmons asks Johnny T what to do if she encounters a manspreader, he replies, “If it were me, I’d say,’Excuse me, I would like to share this seat with you,’ and if they don’t say nothin’, you punch ’em in the freakin’ face! I’m just kiddin’…it’s dangerous.” He finishes with the other things that are “gross” on the subway like toe-nail clipping. Agreed, that’s super gross. Watch the video up top for more.

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