Weekly on Sundays, we’ll be posting the top 5 most popular Untapped Cities articles of the week so you can catch up on what you might have missed!

1. Top 10 Secrets of the Chrysler Building in NYC

chrysler-building-skyscrapers-new-york-city-skyline-roof-darkcyanidePhoto by Dark Cyanide

Famous as it may be, the Chrysler Building holds many fascinating secrets, compounded by the fact that it is difficult to visit and doesn’t offer tours. Find them out here.

2. 5 Proposed and In-Progress NYC Subway and Rail Lines

Five potential and in-process rail lines proposed by some of New York City’s community activists, regional planning organizations and commuter rail organizations. Discover them here.

3. The Top 15 Secrets of Columbia University in NYC

Nearly 30,000 students attend Columbia University, located in Morningside Heights in New York City. But how many know the many secrets of the school? Here are 15 fun facts about the institution.

4. Inside the Abandoned Bergen Street Lower Level Subway Platform in Brooklyn

Abandoned Bergen Street Lower Level-Subway Station-Brooklyn-NYC-002
In Brooklyn, an abandoned level below the Bergen Street station is a favorite spot for urban explorers, one of many New York City subway stations that have abandoned platforms. Check out more photos of this station.

5. The Oldest Surviving Video Footage of NYC Landmarks

Have you ever wondered what New York City was like during the 1890s or 1900s? Here’s a video capturing many of NYC’s landmarks during this era.