2. New York City

New York City-AMC TURN-Film Locations-Revolutionary War-Long Island.-2Photo: Antony Platt/AMC

New York City is shown several times in the television series, as it’s where Woodhull goes to scout out British military activity in the city. As correctly shown in the show, part of the colonial city was a hotbed for prostitution (above), while prisoners were held in prison ships, like the one in which Selah Strong was held captive (below). There were also numerous prisons on land converted from sugar factories, known as sugar prisons. Also shown in the show is the townhouse that serves as the headquarters for British Major John André, Kings College (later Columbia University), and many scenes of New York harbor.

New York City-Prison Ships-AMC TURN-Film Locations-Revolutionary War-Long Island.-2.jpgAboard a British prison ship in New York harbor. Photo: Antony Platt/AMC

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6 thoughts on “Film Locations: AMC TURN About Spy Ring in Revolutionary War Setauket and NYC

  1. Great historical series, born on LI (Kings Park) with lots of History just wish there was one more season. Almost finished with TURN ON NETFLIX.

  2. My husband and I LOVE the show TURN! I’ve been doing some researching ever since! Would love to come visit this town! So rich in history!!

  3. Thank you for this excellent info with wonderful pictures. But quite honestly, you citizens of Setauket ought you raise money for a legitimate statue of Benjamin Tallmadge. This man’s role in the success of the Revolution is extremely significant and deserving of honor. Long Islanders for generations need to know about this hero.

    1. It’s true! I grew up with statues of him and Abraham Woodhull on the facade of my elementary school and learning about the spy ring, but the story certainly wasn’t as well-known in the town until the show came out!

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