3. The Chicken Hut

Chicken Hut Brooklyn Spaces Oriana Leckert by Alix Piorun 2The Chicken Hut. Photo by Alix Piorun

In a Brooklyn that gets more sanitized every day, there are still a few wild holdouts, and the Chicken Hut is one of the last men standing. “This is our reckless abandon studio,” says Greg Henderson, who started the space with fellow woodworker JPL in 2000. “It’s our home and the place where we an do every crazy fucking thing we’ve ever thought of.”…

The Hut has always been home to artists, builders, and renegade makers, from puppeteers to sculptors to luthiers. The space serves as an archive of their creations: robotic aliens, giant rubber sea creatures, and papier-mâché animal heads. It’s also a hub for intense artistic collaboration; in 2013 everyone participaed in a massive group art show in Long Island City called “Headscapes: A Brainstorm of Installations.”

Text excerpted from Brooklyn Spaces.