1. Secret Project Robot

Secret Project Robot Brooklyn Spaces Oriana Leckert by Maximus ComissarSecret Project Robot. Photo by Maximus Comissar.

Secret Project Robot is part of the old guard of North Brooklyn spaces…In its current incarnation, Secret Project Robot is a non-profit hybrid music and art space featuring a gallery, two stages, and twenty-seven artists spread across eight studios, including three soundproofed repurposed metal freight containers. The studios are inexpensive for the [Bushwick] neighborhood: “We want the cost to reflect the spirit of what we’re about,” says Rachel, “which is supporting artists and creating a healthy environment for people to work and create together.”

Text excerpted from Brooklyn Spaces.

With spread of photographs across multiple pages for each location, Brooklyn Spaces is a must-have for Brooklynites, New Yorkers, those who came of age in the dawn of the borough’s creative renaissance and those who are looking to get a start. Buy it here. For more creative hubs, also follow Leckert’s website Brooklyn Spaces.

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