2. Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie

abandoned-hudson-river-hospital-pougkeepsie-6Photo by Dark.Cyanide

The Hudson River State Hospital, located outside of Poughkeepsie, was once a psychiatric hospital run by New York state. Although it is a National Historic Landmark, it has been declining as a ruin since the early 2000s. As part of the treatment philosophy of the time, some of the country’s best architects were involved in the design of the hospital, including Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, the duo who created Central Park and did the grounds here on land once owned by the Roosevelt family.

The hospital consists of at least 15 different buildings with multiple patients wings, a criminally insane ward, a modern-style recreation center, morgue, powerhouse, chapel, theaters and its own railroad line. The psychiatric center also provided patients with many sorts of facilities such as the chapel above (the Presbyterian one, with an Catholic church also on the property), a recreation center and theaters.

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