6. The TWA Flight Center Still Stands and is Now a Hotel

White lobby space at the TWA Hotel  at JFK Airport

Every curve and detail of the TWA Flight Center was thought out by architect Eero Saarinen, with the terminal being one of his last works, completed posthumously. The National Trust for Historic Preservation was a partner in the effort to save it from the wrecking ball in 2003. Upwards of 14 agencies are involved in the preservation and adaptation of the flight center, which will become a hotel, appropriately called The TWA Flight Center Hotel. New wings will be built for the  rooms so the original space will not be tampered with).

James Steven, manager of JFK Physical Plant and Redevelopment tells us of the painstaking renovation he has overseen with Beyer Blinder Belle, down to the details of each circular tile and the years of sourcing materials all over the globe. See more photos inside the TWA Flight Center, including areas off-limits to the public even during Open House New York weekend.