Bonus #9: A Tourist Tram Ran at JFK Airport

Fliteseer-JFK Artist Tourist Tram-Port Authority-NYC.pngThe JFK Airport Tourist Tram, the Fliteseer. Image by PANYJ, from John F. Kennedy Airport

Way before the AirTrain, there was a tourist tram run by the Port Authority called the Fliteseer which brought intrepid people to check the behind-the-scenes at JFK Airport. According to the book John F. Kennedy Airport by Joshua Stoffyou could “ride down the entire length of the flightline during operational periods” in the Fliteseer. Service was ended in 1960s with the rise in security concerns.

A last fun finds if you’re in Terminal 4 is the sculpture designed to “alleviate stress.” And our favorite functional secret of JFK Terminal is that you can buy a 10-pass AirTrain and save 50%.