3. Brooklyn Historical Society

The stunning Brooklyn Historical Society Ohtmer Library, an interior landmark, serves as the music library of the New York Symphony. This is where Rodrigo meets an 18th century incarnation of Mozart, and where Hailey and her roommate Lizzie find the conductor and bring him to a fundraising gala at the Knickerbocker Club, but not before a long, humorous hang out at a restaurant.

4. Alphabet City Performance

Rodrigo takes the New York Symphony on a field trip and has them perform in an empty lot in Alphabet City, on 9th Avenue between B and C. You’ll recognize this spot across from the colorful La Plaza Cultural de Armando Perez Garden with its colorful decor on the exterior fence.

5. Ambassador Theater

On West 49th Street, the Ambassador Theater is also a New York City Landmark that has been home to the show Chicago since 2003. In Mozart in the Jungle, this theater is where Hailey meats the cellist Cynthia (played by Saffron Burrows), who then notifies her of an open-call audition for new oboists at the New York Symphony. In the show, the Ambassador Theater is also where the main star of the Styx musical Oedipus Rocks attacks an audience member for using his smartphone, thereby closing the show, a precursor to Patti Lupone grabbing the cell phone of an audience member in “Shows for Days” at Lincoln Center.

6. Hailey’s Apartment

The exterior of Hailey’s shared apartment (perhaps too fabulous of a space for struggling artists) is located in Long Island City, at the intersection of 44th Drive and Vernon Boulevard. It is on the metal stoop of this building where Hailey meets the dancer Alex again.

7. Thomas Penbridge’s Apartment

Thomas Penbridge is the former musical director and conductor of the New York Symphony, replaced by Rodrigo. Though married, Penbridge is having an affair with Cynthia, the cellist played by Saffron Burrows. In a scene that shows Cynthia and Thomas together in his apartment, the exterior shot of his supposed apartment shows the NYU Kimmel Student Center next to the Bobst Library.

8. East Village, Chinatown Locales

As Rodrigo searches for inspiration (and some weed), he wanders around the East Village. Emerging from the replica cast-iron subway entrance at Astor Place, he heads to Caracas Arepa Bar for some Venezuelan food and ends up in Chinatown, under the Manhattan Bridge.