1. Cunard Building

The Italian neo-Renaissance lobby of the Cunard Building, an interior landmark recently re-opened as an event venue by Cipriani, was designed by architect Benjamin Wistar Morris. This masterpiece features 65-ft high ceilings, soaring marble columns, and magnificent inlaid floors. The grandly presented marine theme of the decor underscores the power and reach of the Cunard Line, as the building opened at a time when New York had recently become the largest city and busiest port in the world. Previously only accessible for special events and film shoots (as seen in The Blacklist), this weekend will be a first in terms of public entry.

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2 thoughts on “12 Must-Visit NYC Locations to Check Out During OHNY Weekend 2015

  1. Hi! Do you have to join something or sign up somewhere to visit the TWA terminal? I’m changing my flight back to NYC to land at JFK on the 18th just to see it.

    1. It’s open access, so you won’t need a reservation. But we would recommend going early to line up, it’s guaranteed to be packed!

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