4. National Lighthouse Museum

Six historical buildings date back to the time that this site was the location of the U.S. Lighthouse Service, which manufactured all of the items used by lighthouses around the U.S. Visitors during OHNY Weekend will see the “Wall of Lights,” with more than 160 Lighthouse Models; exhibits detailing the history of this site; various Fresnel lenses; an early 20th century lighthouse utility boat; and more. The museum will also offer various arts and crafts activities for children.

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2 thoughts on “12 Must-Visit NYC Locations to Check Out During OHNY Weekend 2015

  1. Hi! Do you have to join something or sign up somewhere to visit the TWA terminal? I’m changing my flight back to NYC to land at JFK on the 18th just to see it.

    1. It’s open access, so you won’t need a reservation. But we would recommend going early to line up, it’s guaranteed to be packed!

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