8. Flow.15 on Randall’s Island

“Flow.15” is the fifth annual art exhibit on Randall’s Island. Made possible by the NYC Parks Department, The Bronx Museum of the Arts and Randall’s Island Park Alliance, the exhibit will include the works of five artists, with installations that are meant to reflect the island’s history and environment. The artists include Nicholas Fraser and “All Consuming“, Sharon Ma and “hello“, Rob Swainston and “Who Owns the Sky?“, David Wilson and “Etherwave Architecture #1“, and Rica Takashima, pictured about with the central piece of her exhibit “El Barrio Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.

Ms. Takashima wanted her installation to be based on a person who could see Randall’s Island from home. She walked the streets of El Barrio, taking in the colorful murals and shops, buying a book about the neighborhood from a local bookshop, and settling down in a local cafe to read it. It was the owner of the cafe who inspired her and became her model for her installation, “El Barrio Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes.” The work of these five artists will be on view through November.