1. “When We Were Soldiers” at The Brooklyn Navy Yard

1-Brooklyn-Navy-Yard-Hospital-Building-R95-Interior-When-We-Were-Soldiers-once-and-young-WWWS-Bettina-WitteVeen-Photography-Exhibit-NYC_17-copyAbandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital

The abandoned hospital building known as R95 located inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard, opened its doors to the public this month, in a rare artistic endeavor, exploring war and combat. The artist, Bettina WitteVeen selected this particular building to serve as a metaphor for her photographic exhibit, “When We Were Soldiers…Once And Young (WWWS).” The rooms are labeled with the types of injuries sustained in war, accompanied by photographs of soldiers and warscapes, both present and past. Her photographs display a range of our wars from the American Civil War to Vietnam and conflicts in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The exhibit, produced in partnership with Steiner Studios, will be open to the public with advance tickets required, through October 24.

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