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Seeing people in attention-grabbing attire is pretty normal in New York City. However, if you were wondering why it was just a bit more strange than usual this weekend, it’s because the city’s nerds were all converging to the Jacob K. Javits Center for the 10th annual NYC Comic-Con. The second biggest comics convention in the country (behind San Diego) NYCC has become a place where fans and creatives come together. One of the highlights of attending any given year, is seeing what costumes fans have made in preparation for NYCC.

Nothing beats the excitement of someone seeing their favorite characters from comics, TV and film being brought to life. In appreciation of those who put in time to truly wow attendees this year, we present 10 of the best cosplay moments we saw at the 2015 NYC Comic-Con

1. Warriors, come out to play.

Warriors-NYC-NYCC-New York Comic Con-Javits Center-Untapped Cities-Chris Inoa-001

Jimmy, Paul, Irv, Kris and Johnny were a long way from Coney, but there was no need for them to run away from anyone inside the Javits Center. Hopefully after the convention they made it back home just fine and didn’t have to go through the entire city, like the original Warriors did after that whole Cyrus incident.

2. Coon & Friends Arrive at NYCC

NYCC-COMIC-CON-New York Comic Con-Untapped Cities-NYC-Coon and Friends-Doc Brown-South Park-Cosplay-Chris Inoa

We’re unsure who the young lady in the middle is dressed as. However, as some of the people at Untapped are huge South Park fans, we instantly recognized the diverse group of people dressed up as Coon & Friends. The characters (Mosquito, Mysterion, Professor Chaos, The Coon, Mint Berry Crunch, TupperWare, The Human Kite and Toolshed ) were part of a number of episodes where the creators of South Park wanted to parody films like The Avengers by having their beloved and controversial characters dress up as superheroes.

3. Charlie and Lucy

NYCC-New York Comic Con-Untapped Cities-NYC-Cosplay-Chris Inoa

No matter how old Charlie Brown and Lucy get, Blockhead can always count on the blunt and probably not so great advice from his therapist. Hey, she still only charges a nickel, probably the best deal in the city when you think about it.

4. Gotta love Cap’s Entourage

NYCC-New York Comic Con-Untapped Cities-Chris Inoa-Captain America-Cosplay-Javits Center

We’re in the middle of October, but whenever these five walked through the convention you would have thought it was the 4th of July. Jonah, Kayla, Amber, Mallory and Maya all looked fantastic, with a lot of the credit going toward Amber, who  worked 100 hours to get her and her fellow ladies costumes ready for the convention.

5. Piper and Alex

Orange is the new black-OITNB-Untapped Cities-NYC-NYCC-Comic Con-Cosplay-Chris Inoa

Even with the large security presence in and around the convention, it seems that two escaped convicts from Orange is the New Black got to make it in without incident. While it’s a pretty simple cosplay, you have to appreciate that the two of them got the characters names and pictures onto the ID’s they wore.

Check out our film locations for Orange is the New Black and pictures of Rockland Psychiatric Center, both the space where the crew uses to film exterior scenes for the series and the abandoned part no sane person would ever go into. 

6. Ghostbuster and Slimer

Ghostbuster-Untapped Cities-NYC-NYCC-New York Comic-Con-Cosplay

It will be a few months before we get to see the new all-female Ghostbusters film. However, Giselle, a member of the NYC Ghostbusters, a fan group that supports different causes around the city, beat them to the punch. Accompanied by her friend Slimer (who’s a little camera shy) she kept all of us safe from all the other ghosts and sprits roaming the convention.

7. Joy and Anger

NYCC-Untapped Cities-Comic Con-Inside Out-Cosplay-Javits Center-Chris Inoa

Joy and Anger, two emotions that almost go hand-in-hand when it comes to NYCC. Of course we felt joy seeing this adorable Inside Out cosplay, but later we were very angry when a collectible we had our eye on got bought seconds before we made it to the booth. Joy when we saw that food trucks were parked outside the Javitz Center, so we didn’t have to walk half a mile to the nearest McDonalds that’s going to be demolishe; anger when we saw how much we had to spend on tacos and water. Like we said, joy and anger go hand-in-hand at NYCC.

8. Westeros Invades NYC

Game of Thrones-Untapped Cities-NYCC-Comic Con-New York Comic Con-Javits Center-Cosplay

The people of Westeros are always fighting one another. However, when it comes to NYCC, they can put aside their differences for a few hours and take some group shots for the fans. While this photo shows the amount of love these folks have for the series, you really had to be there to watch them re-enact the iconic “Shame Walk” from last season’s Game of Thrones finale.

Also no word on whether Jon Snow is alive or dead but maybe the film locations give a hint.

9. Agent Carter and Miss Marvel

NYCC-Comic Con-New York Comic Con-Agent Carter-Miss Marvel-Untapped Cities-Javits Center-NYC

The stereotypes that comics book are just for boys are continuing to get washed away. While there is a need for more strong female characters in all media, it’s great to see that young women are showing their appreciation for the newest female characters that have made it to their books and screens.

Paige came to the convention as Peggy Carter, who first appeared as a side character/love interest in the first Captain America film. The American secret agent from the U.K now appears on her show on ABC Agent Carter where she has become a feminist icon.. She has become a feminist icon to a selection of girl fans for her retro TV show Agent Carter. Ashley is Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel, the newest Ms. Marvel and the first muslim character as she is of Palestinian descent.

Diversity is something that never really gets brought up when people bring up Comic Con. Well, it’s something we will bring up. Seeing two young women from New Jersey dressed up as a British secret agent and a Palestinian superhero and have people of all kinds look excited while asking for pictures shows how important this kind of event is for everyone.

10. Doing Whatever A Spider Can

untapped cities-NYCC-Comic Con-Spider-Man-Chris Inoa-NYC

Comic-Con doesn’t really end when you leave the convention. This mystery man wearing the iconic black Spider-Man outfit gave riders one last great moment from the 2015 NYCC.

Was our mystery wall-crawler headed to Queens? Or to his day job at the Daily Bugle? We have eight other locations where you may find what J. Jonah Jamison would call “a menace.”

Some mysterious man who said he came to NYCC via time traveling blue box wants to give him a ride. If you’re reading this in the year 3423 contact the author on twitter @ChrisLInoa.