Blade Rave-BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-NYC-Terminal 5

It’s not everyday we bring a poncho to a party, but then again, it isn’t everyday BBQ Films throws a blood rave. The immersive cinema group who has taken us back in time on a number of occasions, has once again given us an experience that pretty much become the dominant conversation starter until the next BBQ event. For this blood rave, BBQ Films covered the entire ground level of Terminal 5 and after a set of performances gave the crowd of 1,000 ravers what they signed up for: A showering of (fake) blood, re-enacting the iconic scene from the 1998 action film Blade

Blade Rave-Untapped Cities-Blade-Terminal 5-Untapped Cities-NYC

For those who were not brave enough to dose themselves in the red stuff, the other two floors were kept nice and dry for people to drink, dance and yes, watch the film from the safety of the roof. From what our host Deacon Frost (nice guy, even though he vapes), told us, this rave was to raise the blood god. The “blood” was a blend of liquids made by some specialists, who according to BBQ Films have vanished. The band the Crystal Method, the electronic band whose music appeared on practically every film and video game we spent money on in the early 2000s, did appear though and they performed cuts while the blood rained on us all.

Untapped Cities-Blood Rave-NYC-Blade Rave-BBQ Films-Terminal 5-001

When we woke up the next morning all raved out, we discovered two rather deep holes in our necks. When we tried to open the curtains, the light of the sun really hurt (more than usual). We would go see someone about this, but we need to take care of this damn thirst, because coffee isn’t really helping us. Until we can figure out what happened, check out some more photos of the event.

Blade Rave-Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-Terminal 5-NYC

Blade Rave-Blood Rave-Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-NYC-Terminal 5

Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-NYC-Blade Rave-Terminal 5

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