Master of None, released Friday November 6th on Netflix, has quickly become an over-weekend sensation (we admit, we binge watched the whole first season). The New York City-set comedy stars Aziz Ansari with a cast of hilarious regulars like Noël Wells from SNL, Eric Wareheim, Kelvin Yu, and Lena Waithe, and guest stars like Claire Danes, Busta Rhymes, Noah Emmerich, and Colin Salmon. Attacking relatable subjects like dating, immigrant parents, children (or lack thereof) and more, the show brings a levity to even difficult subjects clearly close to the hearts of creators Ansari and Kevin Yang, from debates about minority casting in television to politics (even finding a way to cleverly diss Bobby Jindal in a funny way).

Equally fun for us has been tracking down the film locations in Master of None, featuring some of our favorite spots in New York City. Whatw we love about the Master of None locations are that they all feel like neighborhood spots Ansari and his team probably already hang out at, rather than some all out film scouting affair. Without further ado, here are the locations in season one:

1. Tennis Court in Brooklyn

Master of None-NYC Film Locations-Brooklyn-Tennis Court-Prospect Park South-Aziz Ansari

There is actually a street called Tennis Court in Brooklyn, south of Prospect Park. Whoever had the cleverness to make this type of pun deserves some credit, but the charming Victorian development that once sat on this street was razed for big apartment buildings. In Master of None, Dev (Aziz) attends the birthday party of his friend’s kid, runs into an old friend and gets invited back to her place. They walk past Tennis Court to her house, Dev ends up spending the day child-sitting and comes to the realization he’s glad he doesn’t have kids yet.

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