7. The Four Horsemen

In the episode, “First Date,” we see Dev bring multiple dates to the same locations. He begins the night at The Four Horsemen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at 395 Grand Street. This wine bar was started by James Murphy of the band LCD Soundsystem and his wife, a wine expert. True to his musician background, Murphy is said to have designed the bar with good acoustics. According to Eater, “Murphy designed the acoustics for the wine bar as if it were a recording studio. He  gave the space a Scandinavian minimalist touch, combining cedar slats (because it’s a softer wood than oak) with artisanal burlap sacks to great, Williamsburgian effect.

There’s another bar in Williamsburg that was also designed with great thought to its acoustic properties: La Milagrosa, a speakeasy hidden behind a bodega.