16. The Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Vietnamese Communities in Flushing, Queens

2-Micro Neighborhoods_Flushing_Main Street_NYC_Untapped Cities_Stephanie GeierDowntown Flushing is home to many Chinese and Korean businesses

Though many know Lower Manhattan’s Chinatown for its dense Chinese population, Flushing, Queens has a nearly equal Chinese presence. About 70% of its population is Asian, making it a thriving ethnic micro neighborhood. In fact, according to a Daily News article citing the 2010 census, Flushing’s own Chinese population has overtaken that of Lower Manhattan’s Chinatown.

The heart of Flushing’s Asian community lies in Downtown Flushing, where the bustling streets and crowded markets are reflective of those in Asia. While the Chinese (and Taiwanese) presence is the most apparent, Flushing also has a large Korean community centered around Union Street and a smaller Vietnamese one.

A very popular destination in downtown Flushing is the New World Mall on the corner of Main Street and Roosevelt Avenue, which prides itself in being the largest indoor Asian mall on the East Coast. There are 108 retail shops and a huge Asian supermarket on the first and second floors. The third floor has one of the biggest Chinese dim sum restaurants and banquet halls in the Tri-State area. Its food court has a plethora of options for Asian cuisine, from shaved ice with varieties of toppings, bubble tea, soups and noodles. There is also a karaoke lounge. The Golden Mall is a more underground, though equally popular food destination where Xi-An Famous Foods had its start.