13. Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge-Urban Exploration-Lower East Side-Chinatown-NYCAtop the Manhattan Bridge. Photo by 

Jones believes there is only one way to truly rid herself of Kilgrave and avoid getting controlled by him again. That is doing something so extreme, the authorities have no choice but to put her in a supermax prison. Before she goes along with her plan, she wants to say goodbye to New York City. She does this, by climbing to the top of the Manhattan Bridge, which connects Lower Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn.

A favorite spot for the city’s urban explorers, the Manhattan Bridge has been taking people across the East River for over a century. An anonymous urban explorer pointed out to us that the production team of Jessica Jones took some liberties with the bridge’s appearance on screen. “There’s no little balcony. If you get too close to the edge, you fall off and die, end of story.”

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