Season 1

1. Meatpacking District

Our eponymous heroine, played by Krysten Ritter, is a hard-drinking, foul mouthed, private investigator. She handles everything from catching cheating spouses with their pants down, to serving subpoenas to those avoiding appearing in court. She gets results, not only because she’s smart, but because she doesn’t really have to worry about people trying to intimidate her physically.

One of the first examples of Jones at work happens in the Meatpacking District between Washington Street and Little 12th Street, after she follows Gregory Spheeris from Soho House. When someone thinks he can just speed away from Jessica, she just lifts up the car, with her bare hands. After threatening him with her laser vision (total bluff), he takes the subpoena and Jessica ensures herself another paycheck.

2. Luke Cage’s Bar

Photo: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix

Jones spends most of her money and her time on alcohol, enough to put the entire Mad Men cast to shame. While Jessica’s spot of choice to consume alcohol is her work/office, she does go to one bar, with perhaps the strongest bartender in New York City. Luke Cage (Mike Colter), is like Jones, someone who has special powers. Cage has unbreakable skin. The two also share something in common: they’re both recovering from traumatic experiences in their past. Naturally, the two very attractive people hook up, with their first encounter happening inside of Cage’s bar.

The bar, which is the cleanest dive bar in the city according to Jones, is supposed to be set in Hell’s Kitchen. However, if you ever want to grab a drink in the real location, in the hopes you meet the smoothest bartender in the city, you will have to go to the East Village. It’s Vazac’s, also known as the Horseshoe Bar, on the corner of Avenue B and E 7th Street along Tompkins Square Park. If it looks familiar to you, it’s because it has been featured on many famous TV shows and movies, including The Godfather II.