Arts & Crafts

8. Stiklab Stickers for Your Laptop

Coffee Cup-Cafe-Cofee Shop-Macbook Sticker-Decal-StiklabCoffee Cup Macbook Sticker by Stiklab

The New York City-based company, Stiklab has several great collections of stickers for your laptop, including the New York Collection, a fun eyeglasses, mustaches galore, and more. Unlike regular stickers, these stickers are totally removable so you can change stickers as often as you change your mood. The stickers are made of the highest quality vinyl, sourced from Germany, and all the products are made right here in New York City. The Untapped Cities staff has their own set of custom stickers, which we combine with other fun ones. See the full collection here.

9. Illustrations by Untapped Cities’ Kit Mill

In addition to illustrating the Art of Style column, Kit Mills creates small, spooky, one-of-a-kind ink drawings. Skulls, birds, and plant life are frequent subjects, rendered in black and white ink with iridescent gold highlights that catch the light and shine. One of these would be a perfect gift for a person in your life who wears a lot of black and likes to visit cemeteries. Kit is also available to do custom commissions with the skulls, plants, creatures, and whatever else of your choice.

10. The Architect Says Notebooks

The Architect Says Notebooks  are gridded notebooks feature a foil printed a food-for-thought quotes by architects Le Corbusier, R. Buckminster Fuller and Cesar Pelli, with a sewn spine.

11. NYC Subway Vintage Token Cufflinks

Remember when the subway once functioned with tokens before Metrocards? Have you ever wondered what happened to all those tokens? Well, we have and it turns out 45 out of the 60 million were melted down and turned into scrap melt. But the other 15 million surviving have been turned into unique vintage items, such as these cufflinks available on Etsy.

12. Personalized NYC Manhole Cover Welcome Mat

New York City’s manholes aren’t made in New York anymore, but this manhole cover doormat is actually made in Albany. Distributed by Brooklyn-based Uncommon Goods, the doormat can be personalized with your last name.