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On our next Behind the Scenes NYC tour on March 23rd, Untapped Cities and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) will bring readers on a special early access tour of the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s newly renovated Annex Building (formerly the BAT Administration Building). The Annex now offers 55,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space, a space that was only beginning renovation on our insider tour last year with NYCEDC.

On this tour you will learn about the past, present and future of the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Guests will not only visit the new Annex, but also traverse an enclosed bridgeway that has lain untouched for 40 years, explore the roof of Building B, check out an area of Building A that is undergoing a $100 million/500,000 square foot renovation, and walk through the stunning atrium, the length of three football fields, where freight trains once pulled in to directly unload supplies. In addition, this visit will include stops at some of the manufacturing and art studios inside the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Beyond the building itself, you will also learn the role which the Brooklyn Army Terminal plays in the Sunset Park neighborhood.

As with all of our Behind the Scenes NYC tours in partnership with the NYCEDC, those leading the tour will not be tour guides, but experts directly involved in the spaces we visit. For this early access tour of the Brooklyn Army Terminal, we are thrilled to announce that Dana Frankel and Chun Leung will be leading this visit. Dana is the Senior Project Manager in charge of the redevelopment of the Brooklyn Army Terminal at the NYCEDC. Chun, also from NYCEDC, manages planning and leasing at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Dana and Chun are very knowledgeable about the Brooklyn Army Terminal and we are honored to have them walk us through the renovation and plans for its future.

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The tour begins at 6pm on Wednesday March 23rd, meeting location will be sent the week before the event. Tickets are limited for this tour. We hope you will join us on this early access tour and look forward to seeing you there!

Check out additional photographs from our tour last year:

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Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities Tour-NYCEDC-Atrium-Roof-Annex-NYC-018

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Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities Tour-NYCEDC-Atrium-Roof-Annex-NYC-025

Brooklyn Army Terminal-Untapped Cities Tour-NYCEDC-Atrium-Roof-Annex-NYC-015

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