6. The Cheetahs of the Bronx Zoo and Their Favorite Cologne

In 2010, researchers from the Bronx Zoo conducted a study to see how cheetahs reacted to different smells. Surprisingly, the two cheetahs spent more than 11 minutes sniffing and nuzzling up to a tree sprayed with Calvin Klein’s “Obsession for Men.” This knowledge has helped many researchers lure out big cats from the wild for tracking and observation. According to Daily Mail, program director Roan Balas McNab in Guatemala hear about the potency of “Obsession” and decided to use it in the field with jaguars.

McNab said that three as many jaguars walked by the scented cloth and even lingered around. McNab was able to get images he has never been able to get before because of this. The only problem this research seemed to have was that scientists were having a hard time finding the perfume near where they’re conducting research.